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<a href="http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/16875269/?claim=rh46gf4q4qp">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a> Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping by. My name is Sasha Ghosn and I live in Lebanon with my wonderful husband and our two lovely children; and active toddler and a sweet little newborn. On this site you will find, among many things, pregnancy information, parenting advice, crafts and activities... Continue Reading →

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Growing their own Wings

They say children savor their first taste of freedom when they get to crawl and then when they can walk. They start exploring their world at their own pace. Yet, their gaze is often linked to yours. They want to be free but still share their amazing findings with you. They roam away for a... Continue Reading →

For Those we will Never Hold

Today is pregancy and infant loss awareness day. A day when all mommies remember their angel babies. No matter how long they were in their tummies, they were there. Lives growing inside them. Yet, they never got to be. Today I remember three of those. Three times I was excited by a new beginning, three... Continue Reading →

A Mother’s Worst Nightmare

Oh, the joys of the hospital stay! That sticky, frozen, bacteria attracting environment with its cables and bathroom buzzes, bland food and tasteless jell-o, lost TV remotes and suspicious looking furniture. Where you go to treat your ails but go back home sporting a brand new cold (that's if you're lucky). Where personnel walk in... Continue Reading →

A Working Mommy

Hi everyone! My days as a stay at home mom have come to an end. I have recently started a new job after four years out of the workforce. It has been bittersweet; on the one side, I have been longing for going back to teaching ever since I left my old job, and on... Continue Reading →


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